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We believe that, because of the inevitability of the baby boomer retirement and increased reliance on public equity markets for business liquidity, independent business owners in multiple industries will be poised to capitalize on artificially increased valuations due to consolidation. Please read these frequently asked questions to understand who we are and what we can do for you.

  • Who is QHS?

    QHS, based in Phoenix, Arizona, has a strategic presence in several key US cities. We provide mergers and acquisitions strategies as well as business valuation assessments and succession plans to companies that operate businesses or maintain assets in industries undergoing consolidation.


    We place intelligent, talented, and experienced personnel on our client's decision team during M&A transactions, and we do so with the utmost of integrity.

  • What is the QHS Strategy?

    Working primarily on a contingency basis, QHS provides a strategy to generate the greatest monetary return possible in the sale of our client's business and/or asset(s).


    Not all of our clients will accept the transactional offer that we generate for them; however, ALL of our clients are wise business people who realize that our unique methodology offers them benefits that they cannot achieve on their own.


    Though not all clients will be sellers, many will chose to capitalize on the ongoing consolidation by entering into deals with acquirers developed through our regional portfolio concept. When that happens we will be by our client's side to ensure the sales process flows smoothly and efficiently -- culminating in a closed transaction.

  • What are the benefits of working with QHS?

    Many prospective clients correctly assess that they can sell their business/asset on their own. However, those who have attempted to sell, or have sold, on their own and then subsequently used the services of QHS have provided 100% positive references for deal value and ease of transaction.


    Our relationships with multiple buyers ensure we know who will buy what business/asset(s) at what time enabling our clients to receive the very best value the market will bear.


    QHS enhances sale valuations by developing regional portfolios and by negotiating deals using skills honed over many years and through hundreds of transactional experiences in consolidating industries.


    We work diligently to ensure there is no slippage in closing value. During deal due diligence, many buyers attempt to re-trade a deal's value. Sellers who have only one opportunity to conduct a transaction with a buyer have no leverage against a retrade. Contrarily, QHS has significant leverage because we expect to execute multiple deals with that same buyer.


    We save our clients vast amounts of time and energy through our experience in the sale process. Our personnel working through the deal process with our clients have experience in clearing the obstacles en route to closing. Though not always readily understood at the outset of a transaction, our clients consistently attest to our involvement as being extremely beneficial in ensuring they could focus energy on their primary areas of interest.

  • How are these benefits created?

    1. We have vast expertise and experience in negotiations in consolidating industries that few businesses or business people can match.

    2. By focusing on very specific industries, our people have unique access and special relationships with the acquirers.

    3. Because of these relationships, we can best position your company in one of our regional portfolios that will generate the greatest interest and greatest value from the acquirers.

    4. Using QHS as your negotiator eliminates the emotion that is invariably involved in deal valuation development.
  • Are the regional portfolios confidential?

    YES! We realize that our clients are often simply exploring their options and are under no obligation to enter into a transaction as a result of our work. As such, only QHS personnel and the corresponding potential acquirers will have access to the regional portfolios. Please note, not all QHS personnel have access to information regarding the final format of our regional portfolios.


    Rest assured that each potential acquirer has signed a confidentiality agreement with QHS, and your information will not travel outside the offices of the potential acquirers' acquisitions departments.

  • What are the steps I can expect with QHS involved in my transaction?

    1. Review the QHS engagement document with your attorney. This will satisfy you that there are no hidden conditions or agendas in place by QHS. You are always in control.

    2. Engage QHS by executing the engagement document and returning it via email to your QHS contact or via fax at 480-287-8746.

    3. Gather business information material according to the instructions provided to you by QHS.

    4. QHS prepares the Executive Summary and/or Business Valuation Appraisal that we use to present your business/asset(s) along with the others organized in our regional portfolio(s) to acquiring companies. Keep in mind, these regional portfolios are strictly confidential (See "Are the regional portfolios confidential?" above).

      At this point, you may be given the option to purchase the Business Valuation Assessment (BVA). The BVA is useful if you are in need of securing capital through a means that does not include a divesture of assets. Some business owners may choose to cease activity at this point and not move forward to Step 5.

    5. As a result of our regional portfolios being presented to potential acquirers, many of our clients will receive offers. This will be a very exciting time. You will want to maintain contact with QHS as frequently as needs dictate.

      Again, some of our clients may chose to remove themselves from the deal process after this step. Additionally, some will hire QHS on retainer basis to develop strategic succession alternatives. Ask your QHS representative about these services.

    6. The transactional process occurs. Your QHS representative will keep you well informed of the process and what steps to take to ensure the transaction moves efficiently and effectively. Again, keeping in frequent contact with your QHS representative is critical as well as keeping lines of communication open between your counsel and the counsel of the acquirer.

    7. The transaction closes, and the terms of your deal are completed.

"Thank you for a smooth closing process, you did a very good job for your client (the seller), and were very professional with us."

— Kamal D., McLean, VA


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